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4 weeks - Mondays - Wednesdays - Fridays

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Drop your dog off at the Ranch in the morning, and your pup will train and play throughout the day.

Cowboy Day School is an all-inclusive 4-week training course, which is $2,000. Your dog would be dropped off on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 6:30-8:30AM and be picked up from 4:30-7:00PM during the course. They will receive one-on-one training sessions, enrichment activities, and a regular day of daycare playing with friends. We will provide a high-quality harness, leather leash, and treats. We offer Rookie (novice), Ranch (intermediate), Open (advanced), and Rodeo Star (continued learning) courses.

Our trainers use positive reinforcement, making training a fun time for your dog!

You will receive weekly videos of your dog’s training sessions and have video and messaging access to our trainers via an app.

Our Courses

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Start your dog's training journey with a good foundation. Cues your dog will be trained in are:


Okay (release from cue)
Watch me
Leave it
Door manners


Build on your starting foundation with more complex cues. Cues your dog will be trained in are:

Sit Stay

Down Stay

Drop it


Foundation of Recall




Continue your dog's skills with our Open course. Cues your dog will be trained in are:

​Sit Stay with distraction
Down Stay with distraction

Recall on long line
Loose leash walking

Heeling with distraction

Rodeo Star

Use previously learned cues to take your dog in any direction you would like with our Rodeo Star Course. Cues will be discussed between owner and trainer. Examples of advanced cues are recall with distraction, recall off leash, remote drop (off leash down on command), advanced heeling (off leash heeling, sit from motion, down from motion, etc), and beyond.
Dogs must be up to date on Flying A Canine Ranch's vaccine requirements to join Cowboy Day School. Dogs must be food or ball motivated to be able to participate in Cowboy Day School. If your dog is not food or ball motivated, please contact us for other training options that better fit your dog.

Cowboy Day School

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