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Your pets are important to us

so we designed our new facility around them. From our large runs to give them plenty of room to relax, heated floors to keep them comfortable year round and a fully enclosed kennel to keep them out of the elements, we have taken great strides to make their stay comfortable and enjoyable. 


Spacious Kennels

To be comfortable, we give our guests plenty of room to relax and move around. Our kennels are strictly for relaxing between potty and playtime. They get to go outside several times a day for fun and exercise at no extra charge. For their safety, we use Mason Sani-Kennels that totally eliminate cross kennel contamination, allowing us to give them the ultimate in comfort and cleanliness. Cats are housed in our Kitty Corral where they can have freedom and fun with play toys and cosy spots to curl up.


We realize that being away from home can be stressful and that's why we have six outside play areas where our guests can romp and play on their own, with our staff, or with our other guests. It is your choice to have them go out alone with our staff for playtime or have your pet go out with carefully picked playmates by our experienced staff. Our guests are taken out to the yards frequently to exercise.  



They say it's next to Godliness and we take it seriously. You have given us a cherished member of your family and we make sure they are never left in a space we wouldn't want to live ourselves.


You're trusting us to give your family pet a safe and secure stay while you're away, that's why our facility has state of the art surveillance and detection systems to ensure their safety during and after business hours. In addition, the owners, Glenn and Denise Arens, live on the property so they are able to monitor the kennel at all times. For the safety of your pet we do not accept fence climbers or hoppers.


Vet Care

No one knows your pet better than your own veterinarian. If non-emergency care is needed while they are with us, we will take them to your own vet.


Convenient Location

We spent time looking for the right location to build our business. We are less than 20 minutes from Flint, Lapeer, Ortonville and Oxford. And another great benefit, is it's all paved roads.

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